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Cutting-edge contact lens technology

For some patients, traditional contact lenses are uncomfortable or impossible to wear. Scleral lenses are a special type of custom-designed contact lens that provide clear, accurate, and comfortable vision for patients with dry eye, keratoconus, irregularly shaped corneas, high refractive errors, astigmatism, corneal transplants, and more.

At Beyond Vision Center in Carlsbad and Encinitas, we offer the best, most trusted scleral lenses in the field. We also offer special exams, fittings, and more with leading contact lens specialists to help our patients achieve the healthiest, clearest vision possible.

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What are scleral lenses?

Scleral lenses are a type of contact lens made of a gas-permeable material, which allows oxygen to pass through the lens to your eye. They are designed to rest on the white part of the eye, allowing patients with irregularly shaped corneas, dry eyes, and ocular surface disease to reap the many benefits of contact lenses, which they may be otherwise unable to wear.

How are scleral lenses different from traditional contact lenses?

Traditional contact lenses are mass-produced and sit directly on the corneal surface of the eye. However, a scleral contact is shaped differently than traditional contacts. Scleral lenses are custom-designed to vault over the unique shape of your cornea rather than resting on top of it. The space between the surface of the eye and the scleral lens acts as a fluid, saline reservoir, bathing the surface of the eye and providing relief and healing for patients with dry eye or other conditions.
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Trusted, top-of-the-line lenses: SynergEyes, ZenLens, and more

Beyond Vision Center is committed to offering our patients the most advanced and comfortable technology. This applies to the services and the products we provide, including our scleral contact lenses. We offer the following scleral lenses at our Carlsbad and Encinitas office:
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SynergEyes: SynergEyes contact lenses include both scleral lenses and hybrid contact lenses. SynergEyes scleral contacts are among the most innovative scleral lenses. Plus, SynergEyes is a local Carlsbad company.
Zenlens: from household name brand Bausch+Lomb, Zenlens allows for a custom fit with a simple, streamlined design.
Custom Stable Scleral Lenses: with a new enhanced curve compensation, Custom Stable Scleral Lenses from Valley Contax offer superior contact lens comfort.
If you have questions about SynergEyes, ZenLens, Custom Stable Scleral Lenses, or our other contact lens offerings, please reach out today.

Specialty exams, fittings, and more

Every scleral lens is customized to the patient and the unique shape of their eye. Thus, specialty contact lenses including scleral lenses require special exams. Our doctors use advanced imaging technology to take precise measurements of the surface of your eye, which allows them to design customized scleral contact lenses.
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Every day, we see first-hand how better vision improves the lives of our patients thanks to scleral lenses. Make your appointment with our contact lens specialist today.
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What to expect in specialty lens exams

During your exam, your doctor will take specific measurements that allow us to map your eye three-dimensionally and to determine the correct prescriptive strength for your custom-made scleral contact lenses. The whole process is non-invasive and comfortable, and you’ll receive your unique specialty contact lenses in just a couple of weeks.

Our scleral lens specialist

Dr. Hunter Morgan

Dr. Hunter Morgan graduated with high honors from Southern College of Optometry and completed his residency in ocular disease and primary care in a hospital setting. He specializes in specialty contact lens fittings, which is a vital part of treating corneal diseases. As an active member of the optometric community, he continues to learn and expand his knowledge and is dedicated to ensuring the visual health of each and every patient that he meets.
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Additional services at Beyond Vision Center in Carlsbad

It is our privilege to offer patients comprehensive, specialized services across all areas of eye care. In addition to specialty lens exams, we also offer standard soft and disposable contact lenses at our contact lens clinic. Additional services include eye exams for all ages, dry eye treatment, vision therapy, ocular disease management, cataract diagnosis and co-management, myopia control, emergency eye care, and more. Plus, our optical shops at our two locations in Carlsbad and Encinitas offer leading glasses and sunglasses brands.
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Scleral lens FAQ

What does “scleral” mean?
“Scleral” refers to the sclera, which is the white part of the eye around the cornea. Scleral lenses rest on this part of your eye.
Can you feel contact lenses while wearing them?
You may be slightly aware of your contact lens when you first start wearing it, but this will subside and eventually, you won’t notice it.
How often will I need to update my contact lens prescription?
This will change from patient to patient. We recommend annual exams for all patients, but if you have other eye conditions or disease, or a family history of eye issues, we will want to see you more frequently.
We are proud to serve patients across southern California at our two office locations in Carlsbad and Encinitas.
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