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Developmental optometry at our office

Developmental optometry, or behavioral optometry, is a specialized optometric field that focuses on visual function in its entirety. Our vision depends on more than just how clearly we see—it also requires the coordination of our two eyes and the communication between our eyes and brain. We learn how to do this as we grow from children to adults. Eye doctors who practice in this specialized field help patients improve their vision and their lives through learning processes that train critical visual skills. If you’re looking for a specialist in the Carlsbad area to help yourself or your child improve vision problems, look no further than BVC.

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Dr. Sloan Rajadhyksha

After graduating at the top of her class from the UC Berkeley School of Optometry, Dr. Raja completed her residency training with specialization in pediatric care, vision therapy, and rehabilitation. She has extensive experience working with patients with visual dysfunction from all backgrounds and has received fellowship recognition for her clinical expertise from the American Academy of Optometry as well as the College of Optometrists in Vision Development.

When to see a developmental optometrist

In addition to annual eye exams, both children and adults can benefit from functional eye exams, which evaluate how vision is working in its entirety. Vision problems, like eye strain, fatigue, double vision, or a feeling of tugging in the eyes, in addition to learning issues or difficulties with visual-motor coordination, are all signs to contact our Carlsbad office about an exam.

Developmental eye care services

During your exam, we’ll assess binocularity, oculomotility, accommodation, visual perception, and visual-motor integration. We’ll develop an individualized treatment plan for you and your eyes based on your results, which may include vision therapy and other eye care services. All of this can be done at our Carlsbad office.

Pediatric eye exams

Children eye exams are a critical part of a child’s growth. After an exam at 6 months old, we recommend that every child have an exam before kindergarten, and then annual or more frequent eye exams depending on their needs. But determining and correcting refractive errors is just one piece of the puzzle—if you notice your child experiencing problems with vision, our behavioral vision specialist, Dr. Raja, can help. 
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Other indications that a child should see a behavioral optometrist include reluctance or difficulty reading, frequent squinting or head tilting, trouble focusing at school, or other learning-related problems. Headaches, dizziness, and imbalance, which may affect afterschool sports, can also point to underlying vision dysfunction in children. Functional eye exams can determine the root of the issue. Our Carlsbad team is here to care for your child, each step of the way.

Adult eye exams

Behavioral optometry can also support well-functioning adult vision. Adults, like children, are still developing and can continue to learn and train visual skills. 
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For adults, vision problems that first arose in childhood can resurface and lead to worsened or new issues. If you spend a lot of time in front of a computer, or if you’re noticing headaches, double vision, eye strain, difficulty focusing on near objects, or even clumsiness, an evaluation of visual function can help determine if you have developed the appropriate skills to complete daily tasks.
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Vision therapy

Vision therapy programs help patients retrain the learned aspects of vision. They include specific exercises for your eyes along with the use of contact lenses, special prism lenses, occluders/eye patches, and other tools for improving the skills required to see well. 
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In some cases, your eye doctor may recommend eye surgery. Every child and adult is different—at BVC, vision therapy programs are tailored to you and your eyes.

Visual conditions diagnosed and treated through developmental eye care

Crossed eye

Strabismus, or crossed eye, is caused by a failure of the six muscles surrounding each eye to work together. The eyes do not align in the same direction, and consequently transmit different images to our brains. An older child or adult may develop the condition, but it is commonly diagnosed in infants and children under the age of 3.

Lazy eye

Amblyopia is a condition in which one eye grows weaker than the other, typically as a child. The weaker eye develops poor sight and may continue to worsen if left untreated. Lazy eye is most common in infants and young children, so we test for it during pediatric eye exams, but it may also affect adults.

Other conditions

Behavioral optometry can help other issues, too, including convergence insufficiency, learning problems, motor skills, or troublesome visual symptoms following a stroke, concussion, or progression of disease like macular degeneration or glaucoma. Whatever your symptoms or concerns about your eyes, contact us to see how behavioral optometry can help and learn about services at both our California locations.
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Related services in Carlsbad, CA

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Contact lens exams

Improving the behavioral aspects of vision also entails correcting refractive errors. For conditions like crossed eye, the correct prescription for contact lenses or glasses may resolve the issue. A contact lens exam is a central aspect of your eye care.

Eye disease diagnosis

When you visit our Carlsbad location for your appointment, we’ll also conduct screenings for eye diseases, like glaucoma, to provide the best, most comprehensive care. If an issue arises that cannot wait, we also offer emergency eye care. Contact us to learn more about ocular disease management and emergency care at our CA offices.
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Senior eye exams

We are committed to cutting edge, compassionate care for you and your family throughout all life stages. Senior eye exams are a central component of older adults’ health and well-being. Regular exams, expert management of eye disease, and other services can help keep older adults’ out and about and seeing clearly.

Our Carlsbad, CA office is your home base for all aspects of eye care. Contact us today to learn more.

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