Our Carlsbad eye care services

Here at our Carlsbad optometry center, we are committed to going beyond expectations and helping our patients achieve effortless vision and optimal eye health. For many of our patients, that process includes selecting a pair of prescription glasses.

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Our optometry staff

When you come in for a comprehensive eye exam, our Carlsbad optometry staff will determine if you need prescription lenses or if we need to update your prescription. Dr. Raja or Dr. Morgan will perform refractive error tests and other services to identify what prescription is necessary to correct your vision.

When you are selecting your frames, our wonderful opticians Susanna and Rhonda will help you find your perfect pair of frames and fit them to your face.

Prescription lenses for eye conditions like myopia, astigmatism, and more

During your comprehensive exam, our doctors will determine which type of refractive error you have that needs to be corrected with contacts or glasses for optimal visual performance and eye health. Though each type affects your vision differently, they all cause blurred vision and require prescription lenses. Types of refractive errors include astigmatism, hyperopia, myopia, and presbyopia.

Astigmatism occurs when the cornea is misshapen and light cannot be bent properly. Hyperopia occurs when the eyeball is too short and light focuses behind the retina, affecting near vision. Myopia affects distance vision and happens when the eyeball is too short and the light focuses on the retina. With presbyopia, the lens starts to become less flexible with age, making it difficult to focus on close objects.

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Determining your prescription during exams

Once our optometry Carlsbad staff determines that you have a refractive error, your exact prescription will be determined through a series of lens tests. As you look through a phoropter, you will identify letters with each eye separately and then in tandem to find your perfect prescription.

Our optical shop

At the end of your appointment, one of our wonderful opticians will bring you over to our optical shop services section to select a pair of frames.

Frame brands we carry

At BVC, we carry the optimal brands for both style and comfort so you can love how your glasses look and the fit they provide. At our Carlsbad location we carry Celine, Gucci, Tom Ford, Tiffany & Co.®, L.A.M.B., Etnia Barcelona, Oliver Peoples®, Ray-Ban®, Oakley®, Tory Burch®, and more. At our Encinitas location, we have Burberry, Dolce & Gabbana®, Prodesign, Prada®, Versace, ® Persol®, Kate Spade, Scott Harris, Ray-Ban®, and more.
BVC Carlsbad optical shop

Picking the perfect pair of frames

Our team will ensure that you select the perfect pair of frames to match your style and vision necessities. With the many brands and services that we offer and the expertise of our Carlsbad optometry staff, every patient will find the frames that help them look and feel their best.

Premier products at exceptional value

Incorporate the practice’s value proposition regarding why the patient should consider buying products from BVCe vs. elsewhere. Even if they want to price compare, give them the ammunition to compare the value of what they might be considering elsewhere.

Treatment that improves your vision and matches your lifestyle

For most glasses wearers, the style, fit, and prescription of your glasses can impact many aspects of your daily life. Our staff always keeps this in mind when helping our patients select a new pair of frames. Whether you’re a frequent runner looking for something conducive to the California outdoors, a fashion-forward patient seeking frames that will make a statement, or anything in between, we will find the pair for you!

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Once I select a pair of frames, how long will it take to get them back with my prescription?
Once you have selected your perfect pair of frames, we know the anticipation to get them back is high! Our turnaround time is usually about 1-2 weeks. Once we receive your new glasses from the lab, we do our own in-house inspections to ensure that you are receiving the best quality glasses.
How often should I come in to have my prescription updated?
We recommend that patients come into our optometry center for a comprehensive exam annually to check up on your eye health. However, if you notice any changes in your vision, come in for a visit sooner so that we can ensure your vision is working at peak performance.
How long does the process of picking out frames take?
Picking out a new pair of frames takes as long as the individual patient needs! Eye exams usually take between 30 minutes and an hour, with the optical shop visit coming after. Some patients may find a pair they love immediately, while others may try on several pairs before finding the winner. It is important to not rush the process!

Helpful reviews

  • “I was able to get my contact lenses renewed and an updated prescription for glasses. They also have a nice selection of glasses and sunglasses in the office. 

    The opticians were very knowledgeable and helped me select a pair of glasses that would work well for my prescription. 

    Thank you to everyone at Beyond Vision Center Optometry!”

    – Alfonso S.

  • “Doctor Morgan has exceeded my expectations. I have always found it difficult to find a reliable eye doctor and practice, thinking that's just how things were...until I met Dr. Morgan. His professionalism is unmatched, as is his friendly demeanor and medical knowledge. Two thumbs up and five stars every day of the week! Definitely worth your time to stop in and see what the practice is all about!”

    – Shane S.

  • “Great exam with Dr. Raja, and the optician was extremely helpful while picking out my glasses! Very modern and impressed with their new technology. Highly recommended to all of my family and friends.”

    – Josh M.

  • “Sloan and Hunter are great optometrists for our family. They both knew how to work with kids and were very welcoming and knowledgeable. My husband and I would definitely recommend them.”

    – Karishma B.

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