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Our Encinitas, CA location

In addition to our Carlsbad location, we also have an optometry practice in Encinitas, California. We are thrilled to be able to provide top-tier eye care to patients in both of these San Diego communities.

Eye care at our Encinitas location

Just like at our Carlsbad location, our Encinitas patients can expect to experience eye care like never before. At BVC, we go above and beyond so that our patients can enjoy first-class eye care at every turn.

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Our Services

At our Encinitas, CA location, we offer all the same dedicated eye care services as we do in Carlsbad. Here at Beyond Vision Center, we only provide the safest and most effective tests, treatments, and procedures. We are dedicated to staying on the forefront of advancements in the field of optometry so that we can offer our patients a first-rate experience. From the services we offer to the warmth we extend to every patient who walks through our doors, we are committed to providing top-tier care at both of our offices.
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Eye exams

Eye exams are an essential part of ensuring your eye health. During an exam, we can address any issues or vision changes you may be experiencing as well as catch early signs of developing conditions before symptoms become noticeable. We recommend that our patients come in for an exam annually, or sooner if they notice any changes in their vision.

Diagnosing and treating ocular conditions

During your exam, our doctors screen for several different vision conditions, including refractive errors, ocular diseases, visual development disorders, and more. If an ocular condition is detected, we will work with you to help you understand all your treatment options and choose the path that is best for your vision needs and lifestyle. Through glasses, contacts, specialty lens fittings, ocular disease management, and more, we are prepared to help all patients achieve effortless vision.
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Vision therapy

Vision therapy is a highly effective, individualized treatment that can be used to address several conditions. When vision therapy is prescribed, our eye doctors will create a treatment plan of activities and exercises, strengthening brain to eye muscle connection. Strabismus, amblyopia, learning-related vision problems, oculomotor dysfunction, and other conditions can be treated successfully with vision therapy.

Eye wear at our optical shop

When you pick out a pair of frames for your new glasses, we know that they become a vital part of your everyday life. From how they fit and how they look to how they match your lifestyle, you deserve nothing short of the very best! That is why we only carry brands that we know our patients will love for their style and comfort. At our Encinita, CA office, patients have a wide selection of high-quality brands, including Dolce & Gabbana®, Prada®, Versace®, Persol®, Lafont®, Kate Spade, Scott Harris, Ray-Ban®, COACH®, and more.

Expanding our vision care community

Providing first-class eye care is always our goal. With both of our San Diego area locations, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to expand our vision care community and help as many patients as we can achieve effortless vision.

Our doctors

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Dr. Sloan Rajadhyksha—Dr. Raja graduated at the top of her class from UC Berkeley School of Optometry. She also completed her residency training in pediatrics, vision therapy, and neurorehabilitation. In addition to her extensive education, she has a strong background in developmental and behavioral vision. Visit the Our doctors page to learn more about Dr. Raja.

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Dr. Morgan—Dr. Morgan graduated with high honors from Southern College of Optometry. He is a residency-trained optometrist in ocular disease and primary care in a hospital setting and is a Fellow of the American Academy of Optometry. Visit the Our doctors page to learn more about Dr. Morgan.

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If you have any questions or are ready to schedule an appointment, call us at 760-944-7177. Or use the link below to schedule an appointment.


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Will the optometrists at the Encinitas and Carlsbad locations be the same?
Yes, Dr. Raja and Dr. Morgan are happy to treat patients at both locations.
In case of an eye care emergency, which office should I contact?
We recommend that you contact the office you normally visit for appointments.
Can I schedule appointments at either location?
While patients typically stick to one location for their own convenience, we are always happy to see you at either Encinitas or Carlsbad! Just be sure to specify which location you’d like to be seen when scheduling your appointment.

Helpful reviews

  • “My appointment at Beyond Vision Center was a very positive and professional experience. The staff greeted me and introduced themselves when I arrived. I saw Dr. Raja for my eye exam; she has a very warm and caring manner which instantly put me at ease. Her exam was thorough and precise, and she patiently took the time to answer all of my questions.”

    – Alfonso S.

  • “Dr. Hunter Morgan is my optometrist, and he is an excellent doctor. I was referred to him by another doctor when my vision was poor at only 20/40, and Dr. Morgan helped me get to nearly 20/20 vision. He is a very friendly and patient doctor to work with. My life has changed greatly for the better. His office is beautiful, and the staff is very knowledgeable. Highly recommend!”

    – Phil P.

  • “Had an awesome experience with Dr. Morgan and Dr. Rajadhyksha. I have never had an eye doctor that took the time to explain the results and what to expect. You know they are good doctors when you fly from the east coast to see them. They have a great and modern selection of frames and were really helpful. Also, they have some of the most current and advanced equipment that makes the examination process pleasant. I would highly recommend them!”

    – Marlene G.

  • “Sloan and Hunter are great optometrists for our family. They both knew how to work with kids and were very welcoming and knowledgeable. My husband and I would definitely recommend them.”

    – Karishma B.

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